‘If I Could Sing’: A Gospel Movie by IMC Media

By Jonathan Ng 

Our church’s first ever gospel movie ‘If I Could Sing’ premiered at the Rocks Church, Cannington, WA on 12th October 2019. 

The movie itself is a miracle from God. It all started from a lady who suffers from cerebral palsy, but she had always dreamed of singing for God. Out of a deep love for God, she penned the song, “If I Could Sing.” I was touched by the song and her life testimony, and decided to write a separate story to express such love for God. I started with a 3-page draft on Microsoft WORD, which eventually became a 40-page story. I had never imagined that one day, it would become the storyline of a gospel movie and a tool that would be a blessing to many people.

I had never imagined that one day, it would become the storyline of a gospel movie and a tool that would be a blessing to many people.  

Our team, which we affectionately named IMC Media (from Immanuel Methodist Church), and the cast of the movie, consist mainly of university students, none of whom had any experience or training in filming or acting. Miraculously, in a space of 6 months, we all acquired the skills of acting, directing, filming, and even the post-production aspects of movie-making. All these were possible not because we had the talent or were quick learners, but because we were willing and obedient to God’s calling.  

It started with the lady with cerebral palsy which affected and moved me. When I said, ‘Yes,’ to God, He guided me to write the script based on my personal experience at work and church. The calling was passed on to the youths at Immanuel Methodist Church who agreed to help fundraise for the church’s new building. That was how the movie all began.  

It took us just 7 days to film the 90-minute movie, which by industry standards, would have taken at least 1 to 2 months. During the filming, in spite of our best efforts, we encountered many challenges and unforeseen difficulties. Moreover, more than half of the youths in the team had to prepare and sit for exams, others had assignments to turn in, while still others were taking on part-time jobs on top of their studies. Thank God, they faithfully continued to participate in this filming ministry. By the time we finished filming, I was really heartened that none had left, but more had joined our team. We ended up with around 40 people in the team!   

Finally, the day came for the movie to be premiered in Perth. It was a magical night filled with tears, testimonies, and plenty of touching and life-changing moments. That night, God changed my dad. He is the only non-Christian in my family and the most stubborn one, but that night, he was not stubborn at all. He still hasn’t given his life to Christ, but according to my mum, he has become a lot more open to the faith, and I think he now understands why his youngest son is doing all these things for God.  

Furthermore, a few youths who served with me in the production of this movie experienced renewed strength. Through this ministry, they have also come to better understand what it means to be sharing the burden together in Christ. They also experienced life-changing miracles. By God’s grace, we received an extremely positive feedback from the audience. I believe they actually got the message of the movie and understand the type of love that we all should have for our triune God. Sometimes, it’s not about the size or significance of the things we do; it’s more about whether we are willing to answer God’s calling when we are facing difficulties in making choices in life.  

With limited talent, resources, time, and no experience at all, we managed to complete making this movie. So really, this gospel movie has to be a miracle of God. All glory be to him.

Jonathan is the Sunday School Superintendent of Immanuel Methodist Church, WA and the director and producer of the gospel movie, ‘If I Could Sing.’